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  • Mash column for capping "Gorilych" 12/250/t copper

Mash column for capping "Gorilych" 12/250/t copper

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In order to establish in your own kitchen the production of good whiskey or cognac, you do not need to bring from Scotland or France an authentic copper alumbic with a long history and master the profession of a distillery master. Attempts to make distillates on brewery devices of traditional construction usually end with long-term experiments on cleaning the finished beverage from fusel oils, since in this case a high qualification of the owner of the apparatus is required. Fractional clipping of "heads" and "tails" is usually a success for beginners from the first time, so you either have to put up with a small output of the product, or study miracle-cleaning methods. But all this can be avoided if you buy a copper bell cap "Gorilych" 12/250/t.The principle of the brave columnThe set of equipment will be the best choice for beginners - a small mass of a filled distillation cube (volume 12 liters) makes it easy to handle it, the design of the column does not require high qualification. Purification and production of the product are carried out in semi-automatic mode, it is enough to adjust the selection and the process will go by itself. On copper caps there is a constant interaction of ascending vapors of alcohol and chilled reflux (impurities with a boiling point lower than that of alcohol), so the brave column leaves almost pure alcohol with a strength of up to 93 degrees. All the fusel oils and other heavy fractions are drained back to the distillation cube under their own weight.With the help of a copper capping brace column "Gorilych" 12/250/t, excellent cereal distillates can be obtained inexpensively. The wide neck of the 250 mm cube makes it convenient to work with thick brags based on malt or fruit and berry raw materials. Copper caps in the column bind sulfur-based impurities that have an unpleasant odor.The manufacturer's warranty is 1 year, the owners of the Copper Cap 12/250/t confirm the high factory quality and the lack of technical problems in operation. Another reason to order the kit is full compatibility with induction cookers, the heat losses are significantly reduced, so you can get distillates at a lower price.


Weight9.20 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)360 mm x 300 mm x 580 mm
Clamp connectionthere is
Column diameter85 mm
Fortress of the finished productup to 93 %
Induction bottom5 mm
MaterialStainless steel
Productivenessup to 2 liter/hour
Reflux condenserthere is
Set of silicone gasketsthere is
The height of the assembly1040 mm
Volume of the distillation cube12 liters
Warranty of the factory1 year
The diameter of the throat250 mm
Thermometer2 pcs
Coolerthere is
Ethanol level devicethere is
Hoses for water supplythere is
The faucet’s adapter for the hosethere is
The product’s passport/documentationthere is
Packing boxthere is
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